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The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away

The past six weeks have been a wild roller coaster ride in our family. October 23 – My niece gave birth to a precious little girl, Ruby Leavell Leech. She is a gift from God and has been a true source of joy every day since she was born. Her early arrival made it possible […]

Old Family Tradition Shedding New Light

We all have family traditions – some we love and carry on; others we’d probably prefer to forget. One of my earliest childhood memories is The Trip Psalm. Every time our family got in the car to go anywhere, if just to Atlanta for dinner, we said the 100th Psalm aloud. Even when traveling with […]

Speaking With Your Mouth Closed

I used to think that communicating effectively required lots and lots of talking. Being very comfortable with words, I assumed my relationships would not suffer in the arena of communication. Boy, was I wrong! This is only one area of life in which my early expectations proved to be somewhat disastrous. Communication is much more […]

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