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Life is Tough . . . but God is Good

My sister-in-law has Alzheimer’s. It is awful. I hate it. She does not deserve it. She was diagnosed in her early 60’s – too young, way too young; but then, who is ever ready for this dreadful disease? Jean is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. She welcomed me into JB’s family […]

The Day After Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day is very emotional, multiplied by so many perspectives regarding its significance. Yesterday I was reminded of this as I had conversations with numerous people and perused so many posts on Facebook. In church we had a time of prayer focusing on Mothers’ Day. First we thanked God for mothers and other women who […]

Thanks, J.B.!

The last words I spoke to my Daddy while leaning over his hospital bed and giving him a kiss were these, “you are the best Daddy in the whole entire world.” I was blessed along with many of you who have or had a wonderful father. Today I want to give a shout-out to J.B., […]

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