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Beach Days – The Good, the Bad, and The Awful

Our family loves to go to 104 – the condo my Daddy bought at Daytona Beach. We have many traditions and special memories that are associated with vacationing at Daytona. Some of the memories are good; many are funny; and a few are awful. Today I made one of the awful ones, but you’ll have […]

Painting My Thumb Green

If painting my thumb green would help, I’d do it. Every year I go through the same routine and since Spring has sprung, here we go again. Yesterday I went to buy groceries – mind you, groceries – at WalMart. The first mistake was parking near the garden center and going through that entrance. Then […]

Out of Control

Yesterday started out as a normal, laid-back Friday even tough it was very cold – only 13 degrees. Early in the day JB and I decided to go to a movie and invited a couple to meet us at the theatre at 4:30. Once the plan was set my day was off to a good […]

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