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Turn About Is Fair Play

Have you ever said this to someone? I have never written it down before so it looks funny, but I know what it means. If you have done something kind for me and now I am trying to do something kind for you, you need to let me because, “turn about is fair play!” For […]

Check-up Time on 2015 Commitments

At the beginning of this year I made fresh commitment to some things I wanted to do better. For too many years I have just let the days and weeks and months pass by, always postponing or making excuses for rarely finding time for things I claimed to be important. This book title has always […]

Every Day’s a New Adventure

July 25, 2014 — Last Friday I was on a jumbo jet flying home from Italy. Today I was on the Megabus. Every day’s a new adventure! I have seen the big blue and yellow bus and have heard people say it is a good and economical way to get from point A to point […]

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