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Showing Up

We just had our first wedding and it was so much fun! Our youngest son, Wes, and Taylor Bobb met at Asbury University and were friends for a long time before they began to date. It has been a sweet story to follow (see their website if you want to read more –, and we […]

Speaking With Your Mouth Closed

I used to think that communicating effectively required lots and lots of talking. Being very comfortable with words, I assumed my relationships would not suffer in the arena of communication. Boy, was I wrong! This is only one area of life in which my early expectations proved to be somewhat disastrous. Communication is much more […]

Good News

In my last post I indicated that while out walking and praying one morning I asked God to speak to me and direct my thoughts on what to write. He answered that prayer and gave me a good word to share. However, before writing on that subject, I chose to write on the fact that […]

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