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There Is Nothing New Under The Sun!

The title sounds catchy and I’m sure you have heard it or have said it yourself. Did you know it comes straight from the Bible – from the small, power-packed book of Ecclesiastes? Just this week my “reading the Bible in a year plan” had me read this short book. I was blown away at […]

Give Up or Surrender? Which Will You Do?

Currently there are several “situations” surrounding me that could easily be discouraging. Among these are a few prayers that have been prayed for a long time and yet no progress is evident. Additionally, something has happened at my house that is disappointing and concerning. The details aren’t important, but maybe you can understand and relate. Do […]

Martha – Practicing What She Teaches

My friend Martha is amazing and she continues to bless me and teach me as she “does life” one day at a time. When we moved to Georgia several years ago she urged me to get involved in Mom2Mom, a ministry of older moms mentoring younger moms. She had been a group leader for almost […]

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