Do You See What I See?

I have to confess I am at the beach again. I can thank my husband for this bonus trip – (Thanks, JB!). He mentioned going again for a short trip before the end of summer and I looked at my calendar, which was clear, and said, “Works for me!” By the time we were confirming exact details he decided he had too much to do at work and could not take time away right now. But, he insisted that I go ahead, so I did!  Ahhh –  this is my happy place.


Mornings are my favorite time of day and the sunrises at Daytona make waking up early worth it for anyone! You may have opportunity to view sunsets and those are gorgeous also. I bragged about those when we lived in Texas, but currently I have a front row seat to the sunrise every day. Every morning the sky looks different and the sun presents itself in a fresh and unique way. At 6:30 a.m. there are usually a few people walking on the beach, others riding bikes, and birds flying low over the water looking for breakfast. Sometimes I notice that people stop in their tracks and stare at the sky just like I am staring from my condo. Other days people keep moving, not seeming to notice what is taking my breath. It’s a masterpiece every day! You have no idea how many pictures I have taken with my phone – just can’t resist!


It occurred to me this morning that God is an amazing artist and he paints the sky daily with unlimited creativity and undeniable beauty. People who appreciate fine art make elaborate and expensive vacation plans in order to see works by the masters. While my travels have not been extensive, I have been to the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam and seen the Rembrandts. We have visited the Louvre in Paris and stared at the Mona Lisa (which is much smaller than I anticipated). We also saw Michelangelo’s David in Florence. All are amazing and extraordinary. But perhaps too often we miss seeing God’s masterpieces all around us. God’s works of art are everywhere and each is as unique as the snowflakes he makes – no two sunrises look the same, nor do the sunsets.

Stop   Look   Listen

God created this world and all that is in it. The earth screams confirmation that He is, He was, and He will forever be!  “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” Psalm 19:1.  Can you pause and just look? Do you see his artwork? What about in your garden – what fruits and vegetables have you witnessed growing this summer? (Okay, not everybody can grow this stuff, but some of you can!) Do you have flowers that have flourished and multiplied and brought beauty to your yard and table? How about the birds? Put a bird feeder in your backyard and you will have daily entertainment. The variety of shapes and sizes and colors is incredible. We have woodpeckers, blue birds, hummingbirds, doves, sparrows, and birds I do not recognize all coming to our backyard in Georgia.

Do you see what I see?  I hope you do. Too many people in our world are so busy pursuing urgent matters, but empty inside, wondering what really matters in life. God is calling our names. He knows us, loves us and pursues us. He sent his son, Jesus, to pay the price for our sins so we could have an intimate and forever relationship with him.

Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Before you make plans to visit a museum to see and perhaps show your family what beautiful things talented humans can create, consider a picnic or trip to the beach or mountains and open your eyes and ears and heart to see the wonders God has placed all around you.


I hope you will pause and take off the blinders.  Let me know what you see! Feel free to share a beautiful picture by replying to @shugiec on Twitter.


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