I Believe in Miracles

Our son, Wes, and his wife, Taylor, were robbed recently. It was awful. When Taylor came home from work and opened the front door she saw nothing but chaos. Making things worse, Wes was several states away on a work project. The burglar has broken into the back door and ransacked  their entire house, including all the drawers downstairs and upstairs.  Of course they took all the electronics. … and these kids of ours have lots of those – big TV’s, X-box, Echo (whatever that is) and numerous other items. While I was devastated for them and the emotional trauma they were experiencing, I knew that much of that “stuff” could be replaced. And I was so grateful and proud that they had insurance! But my heart sank when Taylor told me first and then Wes told me when he called, “Mama, they took the watch.” A million thoughts and memories ran through my mind, and I literally hurt and felt sick. Earlier this year we gave Wes a very old, fine pocket watch. For all my life it hung in a display dome on my Mama’s secretary in the living room. This watch was beautiful and it belonged to my Daddy, who was born in 1924. His grandfather gave it to him on his 21st birthday. This could never be replaced. Wes’s personality is a lot like his Papa’s, and he loves old family things. I will always remember how he lovingly held that watch and smiled his sweetest smile, thanking us for sharing this family treasure. Within hours of receiving it he had looked up and made notes of all the details on the watch – when and where it was made, the serial number, and other bits of information. I knew Wes would treasure this gift and the history that went with it for the rest of his life.

Over the next few days following the robbery, they discovered other special and even random things that had been stolen – Taylor’s charm bracelet with lots of special meaning, a necklace Wes gave her, the wristwatch Mama gave Wes for graduation, and all of his socks!  Go figure!

I Prayed, Believing!

In spite of this awful robbery, invasion of privacy and violation of personal space and emotion, I did what I tell other people to do in challenging circumstances –  paused and began to focus on things to be grateful for in the midst of this awful situation. I prayed and asked God for a miracle, specifically that He would bring that watch back to them. I prayed, believing, knowing that God can do anything and that He knew exactly where it was. I asked friends to join me in praying for recovery of their stolen items, always adding, “especially the pocket watch.” I even went so far as to tell Taylor, “and I know what the name of my blog will be when you get the watch back!  It will be ‘I Believe in Miracles!'”

Being Grateful is A Choice

Being grateful is a choice. Regardless of the outcome, it is always better than griping and fussing and cussing.  Here are some of my thoughts and the progress while choosing to be thankful over the days and weeks following the robbery:

  • I am grateful Taylor was not at home when the thief came; she was not killed, hurt, or kidnapped. This was huge!
  • I am grateful the police came quickly and were kind and thoughtful as they asked her a million questions.
  • I am grateful Wes was able to fly home late that night.
  • I am grateful three couples who are dear friends came to the house immediately, stayed with Taylor the entire evening, brought in food, and one of them picked Wes up at the airport. Loyal friends are such a blessing.
  • I am grateful their insurance company was cooperative, helpful, and quick to respond.
  • I am grateful Taylor became a super-sleuth, doing what she could to track down their stuff! She went online to sites where people in Lexington offer things for sale and found a person selling exact electronics that had been taken.
  • I am grateful Wes had saved all the serial numbers to their electronics.
  • I am grateful the detective assigned to their case took Taylor’s lead and pursued making a purchase from that seller. Taylor’s lead uncovered an entire theft ring!
  • I am grateful the detective got in to the apartment where the items were and confirmed with serial numbers that these were their stolen property and that he pressured the girls in that apartment for other stolen items.
  • AND I am especially grateful that he walked out of that apartment with THE POCKET WATCH! The crown is gone, which makes me sad, but the watch has been returned.

Do I Believe in Miracles?  You’re Mighty Right I Do!

Wes and Taylor did not get back all their stolen items. The rest of their jewelry and other things may never be recovered, although I still pray they might. Thanks to insurance they have replaced the electronics and Wes has a drawer full of new socks!  The trauma of being robbed will stay with them for a while, but I pray they will recover and only be stronger.

In summary, God is good …. all the time. Our world is full of sinful people and bad things happen; it’s just a fact. But God, in his love for the fallen world, provided salvation from sin for those who accept Jesus. He paid the price for sin and offers peace and hope and miracles, even in the midst of unpleasantness. I am proud to be rescued from my heart of sin and to be a believer and receiver of God’s grace because of Jesus. It is hard for me to understand why anyone would reject such a good, loving God who is alive today and still working miracles!

Thank you God for your sustaining grace, your loving heart to all, and your specific miracle in bringing back this family heirloom to our family.


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  1. Vickie Hann
    October 30, 2017 at 9:55 am (3 months ago)

    Such a great reminder of what is important… what we treasure most and how God is still with us in the bad times. Thank you for sharing this article!!!

  2. Mary Bell
    October 30, 2017 at 2:58 pm (3 months ago)

    What a wonderful and inspiring story, Ann Leavell “Shugie”! You are so right, God is so good!


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